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Foundations, concrete slabs, rebards and post tension

We know that when it comes to building a tennis court, quality starts at the foundations. A well-engineered foundation is as essential to the performance and durability of a tennis court as to any other structure. That’s why we pay an enormous amount of attention to the part of the court that you will never see.

Post Foundations

Post foundations should be not less than 18” in diameter at the top, not less than 30” at the bottom, and not less than 42” in depth. An extended concrete base at the bottom of the foundation, shaped like a foot pointing in the direction of the opposing net post, will increase the foundation's resistance to stress and strain of torque in the direction of force. Foundations should be so constructed as to provide a distance of 33’ on a singles court and 42’ on a doubles court, measured from center of post to center of post. Concrete for foundations should use well-graded rock, gravel or stone mixed in ratios attaining a compressive strength of not less than 3,500 lbs. per square inch at the 28th day after pouring. For asphalt courts, the top of the concrete foundation should be round to prevent radial cracking.